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It's 85.71 miles per hour! That's fast .... on a human powered bicycle.

Have you ever been able to pass by an article on human powered flight ... without reading it? Me either. Oh, it's 3 hrs., 54 minutes, and 59 seconds. I know!!! They didn't have another five minutes and one second in them!? My thoughts, exactly .... haha.

Did you know there are human powered hydrofoils? 21 miles per hour.

Did you read about the guy that shot a trotting Wild Russian Boar, offhand; at 102 yards? Same guy shot completely thru an American Bison at 50 yards. His buddy shot a ground hog at 203 yards. Huh? Oh .... forgot this part ..... with handmade AIR GUNS!!!! WwHhhhaaatttt??? Yes Sir. A guy named G. L. Barnes made them. Made the barrels .... AND the bullets too!

Something performed well, in a non traditional manner; just raises interest antennae. Always has. I'll bet you wouldn't be here if you didn't feel the same. Take a look at the AIR GUNS of G.L. Barnes.


Date Posted: 6/9/2017

knife picture

50 Caliber Barnes Outrider. #6 is under build. About 65% complete. This rifle shoots Barnes slugs up to 400 grains. Owners report shooting "thru" their deer at 75 yards. Additional information when completed and field tested. The picture above is a finished Outrigger with a mounted scope and similar to the rifle being built.

Caliber: 50

Action: Barnes Slide Breach with a two stage trigger.


Barrel Length:

Price: TBA

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