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Barnes Pneumatic

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 Direct e-mail link to Barnes Pneumatic .... Gary will answer questions

Note: The site is large - but constantly updated. It is, however; possible that I've missed upgrading some pc. of information on a given page. The information here on the catalog page is the default. If something elsewhere contradicts this page, let me know please.

Please Note: As of 12-22-07, I have ceased accepting orders, while I catch up on existing orders.

Any orders which have been accepted prior to this point, will be produced as ordered. Let's not have any confusion please: I am NOT canceling any orders already placed. I am NOT closing the doors. I AM simply ceasing to accept orders for my work, in order to catch up on existing orders.

Reasons: 1). There is too much time invested in attempting to help potential customers sort through the models and make decisions. 2). There is too much time invested in tutoring folks as to the reasons "why" I have designed my guns as I have designed them. 3). While the backlog of "Legacy" orders has progressed to the point where most are at the 70% completion stage, I require more concentrated time to complete them. 4). I've reached a point where I no longer care to attempt to predict the future and project completion dates. I've become proficient in a hundred different art forms, yet I've failed at "guessing" how long it might take to build complex items, or predict what life may toss across my path while I'm trying to work. I'll continue to build my work to the quality standards I demand of myself, but do so without the pressure placed upon me by arbitrary dates. Occasions come and go ... the shop is the shop .... It takes as long as it takes. It's done when it's correct. I thank all of you who have placed your faith in my work, and placed orders. They will be built. No new orders will be accepted as of 12-22-07.

Gary L. Barnes

The Catalog of Items

link to:Heritage Class 32 Pistol


link to:Victory Class 32 Pistols and Carbine


link to: Maverick 25

Ball - Tap loader. Shrouded barrel

Maverick 25 Carbine Magnum

Bolt action format. Shrouded barrel


link to: Ranger Gemini


link to: Appaloosa 32


Link to: Chief Justice 87

with 45,32 cal. inserts


link to: Nebula 2 ... 25 Caliber





link to: Chaparral 25




Chaparral 25 pistol detail


link to: Hoss 45 Pistol

details and cost



Hoss 45 Detail



link to: 45 Squire

Link to details, range session, and cost

Squire ... 32, 45


link to: The Woodsman 62


link to: Yukon 58


link to: Yukon Series of PCP Big Bore.







 Yukon Comparisons Page



link to: Tundra 45 and Tundra 45 Magnum Bench Rifles

Cost/feature page is now posted!

links to: Chief Justice 87 Caliber and the

Woodsman 62 Caliber


link to:Stock Choices - lots of pictures

You can drag and print this pic much larger.


link to: Woodsman

"Thumbhole" stock - textured grips - brushed billet


Woodsman with "Bench Slot" stock and color anodized billet. (45 inches overall. No scope makes it appear longer)

45" total length shown above


link to: Woodsman 45 caliber IXL and Woodsman 58 caliber XLT

Sure can. You want it shorter ... here ya go. (Power and air storage are relative to chosen length).

 Stock Choices - lots of pictures


Link to Victory Pistol and Carbine Models (with Appaloosa)

link to: Victory


link to: Appaloosa


link to: Ranger Gemini Models

 Many Different Versions

Ranger dV2. Available in 25, 32, or 45 caliber.

Base 25 Caliber Cost: $3,500us


Model Considerations.

dV2 or Gemini Class are the "Sporter" type of carry rifles. There's a slim, light weight version, and a more bulked Magnum version.

Woodsman or Justice can have inserts. They are the "multi-use" huge bore / sub caliber insert guns. They are just as accurate. Woodsman is the slim, light weight version, Justice is the more bulked Magnum version of this design option.

Woodsman can be made as a straight 45, or 58 which are NOT inserts. Therefore; it could be made as a 32 as well. A 32 which was NOT an insert - but the primary barrel. It would have the power and accuracy just displayed from the insert model.

Tundra and Prairie have been bench rifles all along. Tundra is always 45 or 58, and Prairie is the same gun in 32. The new versions of these would follow the same format. Therefore; the Prairie 32 is an option. I know it's not on the catalog. I've not made one recently. However, it's the same V-Twin components. Could be made in a lighter weight or heavier weight version.

Appaloosa are light carry carbines.

Bullpups are customs.

That's it in a nutshell. All accurate.

Primary choices the customer makes are:

1). Sporter or Bench rifle?

2). Multi-use gun with multi-caliber inserts or one function gun?

3). Very light weight carbine or full rifle.

4). Lighter, slim versions, or bulked magnum versions.


I place this outline here to assist those on the ledger who have "floating" orders with vague model requests. Hope this helps something "click".