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Field Justice!

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I had the Justice 87 caliber smoothbore out for the first time. I didn't have alot of time ... needed to burn some more shop hours that afternoon and evening. However; I got some fine data.

What you will see here are pics of a straight thru quick session. These are not cherry picked groups. These are the ONLY groups shot.

I got everything laid out. Got the targets posted. Sat there a moment to make sure I'd thought of everything. Breathed the usual prayer for a safe and enjoyable range session. Picked up the Justice and topped it off to 3,000 psi.

I'd sized the 905 grain slugs. During sizing, I'd graded them loosely. I choose a #2 slug to just see if I was on target @ 30 yards. The scope was my scope of choice ... a Simmons 4X Turkey Federation shotgun scope from Wally World.

Snuggled in, sighted .... Bang! A 7/8" perfectly round hole had appeared in the plywood 30 yards away. High and left. I cranked the scope right. Shot #2 ... BANG. A slight over-compensation. I clicked it back alittle. Shot #3 ... Bang. All three were on the same horizontal plane. The #2 slugs and the scope were dancing well together. I was about 7" high @ 30 yards. I decided to leave it that way ... knowing it would drop some @50 yards.

I strolled out. Examined the holes. They looked like they'd been cut with a wood drill. That'll do! I placed a spot on the plywood 7" under the center of the bull @ 6 o'clock. Noticed again it was a beautiful day.

Back at the bench, I shot three slugs, using the spot as a point of aim.

Here's the first, one, and only group shot @ 30 yards.

Note the aim spot. I could have clicked over alittle more ... I was more interested in seeing if the slugs tracked straight and grouped.

Next ... I got ready for the shot shell test. Folks had asked me to shoot at a 30 " circle. I estimated this would be about right. Set out at about 25 yards.

There are the shells. Index card wrapped. The base wad is a Nickel. No ... not five cents ... a real Nickel. (I could buy some prepared alloy slugs that would not scratch the barrel ... for about 20 cents apiece if you'd rather ... haha). Or, I could just reach into my pocket and pull out the alloy slug I needed ... for five cents each. ;?)

Let's load one of these puppies.

I put 21 #2 (.270") buckshot in each for this test.


And there's the pattern @ 25 yards. Let me circle those for you ...

There's all 21 of them. All in a 12-13" circular group with a nice 8" round concentration in the center. You see that one at 2 o'clock on the edge? Come in a couple of inches and you see a hole with a #2 by it. That's a close double. Took me awhile to find the 21st hole.

And there's where the nickel hit! About 10 o'clock outside the circle.


Oh ... you wonder if they hit hard ...

Yes ... they did. ;?) Here's the back of the OSB plywood. (Just ruined I fear! ;?)



... found the fodder laying about 10 yards from the bench.


Note where the ball made spots on the cartridge riding down the bore. It worked.


Well ... let's move out some with slugs. I don't have alot more time to test today ...

Set up a section of plywood against a fence stake I knew to be about 52 yards. I knew I'd be on target. Remember, holding "ON" @ 30 yards had placed me 7" high @ 30 yards. So ... we'll see what the drop difference is from 30 to 52 yards.

That's five slugs @ 52 yards. And, believe it or not ... I felt the wide one go. That embarrassing flier was my fault ... haha ;?)

Note we're STILL 5 1/2" high. BUT ... BUT ... it should drop like a BRICK!!! haha. So ... that's 1 1/2" difference between 30 and 52 yards. AND ... think about it ... if I set two slugs side by side on a ruler ... they cover 1 3/4" totally!!! I think we have that difference pretty well covered. ;?)

You recall I told you I'd designed this as a 50 yard gun. A "Brush Gun". However ... I knew when I showed you that 52 yard cluster ... you'd immediately demand that I stretch out some ...

So ... heck ... I figured I'd humor you (in advance) and DOUBLE the projection. Now ... as with most things in reality ... you DOUBLE something and you Quadruple your difficulty factor. But ... here goes.

That's Tom ... my buddy I told you about with the heart surgery. He's feeling well enough to hike over to see where the 905 grain slugs went.

There they are. Now ... remember ... these groups are THE first, THE one and ONLY groups fired. That's about 3 1/2 - 4" @ 100 yards.


And how's that for a slug cut from a smooth bore @ 100 yards? No "Tumbling" here.


We got a screw driver and dug those bad boys out of there. It was a job. That's 15 layers of plywood on a log and dirt berm. So - that's a SOLID wall to hit. The slugs piled up on themselves and expanded to about 1 1/8". That'd leave a nasty mark 'fer sur!!!


What we've got here is a raving success in every possible way.

Appears the old man ain't as dumb as he looks (and that's "a good thing too" ... ;?)

I want one too. That stock felt great. You betcha ... it kicks when that slug leaves. I put a fine ventilated butt pad on it. My old shoulders are achy all the time anyway. So ... I stuck a small bench bag between my shoulder and the butt pad. Worked for me. That stock cut out is wonderful for holding, handling, and shooting. Ambidextrous design ... by Golly ... he thinks of everything.

So ... there ya go. If you don't see something in the catalog ya like by now ... then you aren't trying. haha ;?)


E-mail comments follow:

You are getting as good or better accuracy pushing 900 grains through a smooth bore than I can get with my 30-06. (Granted it's the low tech Rem 710, but it gets the job done come deer season). Amazing.

I am amazed the slug went that far and with that much force to be able to penetrate plywood at 100 yards. That would make a great Hog gun, for walking through thick brush.

You might as well be painting those blue circles on my chest it would definitely be quicker. Outstanding range session with the "Justice" , that big slug really leaves a hole doesn't it. Really though I love bigbores and I thought a .32 caliber would be a good compromise for me, but now I'm not sure, I'm back on the product page looking at , yes I know, BIGBORES The Yukon in .45 caliber has always held my eye but like a adulterous husband I turned to another. I know I am a problem child and behaving like a woman over her living room furniture, maybe I'll settle down but, is it tooooo late to contemplate.
You do know that you are to blame for this totally out of character indecisive behavior that I am currently exhibiting don't you.
Please Help,

Hi Bud,

Just checked your post on the patterns and monster slug holes. I LOVE IT!!!!Great job, and well done. I knew it would be accurate, but this is a true wonder of skill and engineering.;) I need to get ***** to let me deer hunt this Fall on his property. If I can shoot the deer, I'll give him the meat.

I just had my first full view of what the Justice was capable of it was like viewing the fourth of july Fireworks in October. I made the same sounds OOOOhhh, Ahhh, Whooa.

Imagining what I could do with it; the different shot I could load into it. Looks like the hunters best budy or Swiss Army knife of Big Bore Air Gun Hunting for the different shot you can load into it and plus the plans you have for different calibers..

Wake me up when UPS delivers Justice.

Concrats on the Justice. Your instincts are right on. I'm glad you create
works of art and don't "think" about convention in form or function. How
could anyone possibly "think" that a 87 caliber smooth bore would do
anything but somersault a slug down range. Its a shame you have to hide
the tremendous amount of thought in your process to keep your line yours. I
hope the new models keep it as fresh for you as it does for ***and me.

Of course, I could be mistaken and you really have an alley full of failed
prototypes . If you do, why not use these to clear the ledger of all the
guns that are just going to take up space in a vault and leave all the
working models for the shooters;)

See you with all the shooters,

Justice performance looks great. My two online calculators must be way off. Their projections didn't even come close. Even bumping up the speed didn't help. Do you use calculators or just go by your extensive experience. Were the slugs close to what you projected. for the drop. Thanks