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I'm glad you've found my site - hope you enjoy yourself here.


I've been building things for as long as I can remember. Bows and arrows, slingshots, and spears seemed to be early favorites. Wooden knives (sticks rubbed on a concrete block) were an early speciality item. As technology improved (I experienced my own little industrial revolution), I moved on into crossbows, snowball throwing catapults, and the like. It seems that "marksmanship" and "novelty" were instinct passions from birth.

Well, here we are. I'm still enjoying playing with toys and still making them for other good little girls and boys to enjoy as well. You should have seen my eyes light up when I first heard about Big Bore airguns. "NOooooo! Pinch me, this is too good to be true."

So, as best you are able, let the world of work and stress outside and browse around the site. Loosen your tie, pour a glass of iced tea, and relax. Cell phones and beepers go on the shelf by the door there. The Elves will dust and recharge them. You can pick them up on the way out.

I take care of 99% of my business through e-mail. It allows me to have the uninterrupted stretches of concentrated machine time I need. I work my shop cycles and then come in for my own iced tea. When I do, I answer the e-mail. I need at least 10 glasses of iced tea to get through the typical day, so e-mail gets regular attention.

If you find a need to phone, you'll reach my good friend (and wife), Kelly. She's gifted with the ability to live with an artistic type guy, and helps me with all manner of "real world" things. She's tough now - no push over. She knows nothing gets built while I'm on the phone, so she guards my shop time pretty close (and I thank her for it).

There'll be times when you need to speak to me. She knows those times. I never hide from my friends who have placed orders. But I do need the shop time too. There's a "Secret" to doing this type of work. If I tell ya, you gotta keep it to yourself. It's "attention span". One of these rifles begins as an idea. Wayyyy down at the other end of the shop there, where the distance has faded the colors to grey, is the completion of that idea. In between here and there is an unbroken chain of concentration and attention to detail. Makes your head ache doesn't it?

Well, don't think about it. That's my part. This is your birthday party . . .


Hope you enjoy your visit!

New Link to "Straight Talk" - answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Also new - Link to "Let's Review This Once Again" - extra clarification of FAQ


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