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If you have recently found this website, may I offer my warmest welcome. My name is Gary L. Barnes. The work you see here, is mine alone.

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After college, I opened a custom cabinet shop. I built furniture for a number of years. Around 1975, I began building handmade custom pocket knives.

Eventually, I had to make a choice between cabinets and knives ... and chose handmade knives. I spent the next couple of decades building approx. 1,300 individual ornate folding knives. I was awarded a Master Bladesmith's rating by the American Bladesmith's Society in 1983.

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By 1996, I was ready for a change. I had discovered large caliber airguns, and started building a few.

Today, I've built my shop ... many of my machines ... and much of my tooling. I design all of my work, and do all the processes myself. My work is my life and my hobby, both fused together.

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